Regenera Activa

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What AMT® is?

Autologous Micrografting Technology ® is an innovative, simple and effective regenerative method, capable of obtaining Autologous Micro-grafts using Rigenera technology. AMT ® protocols are based on stimulating self-regeneration by activating native progenitor cells located in the homologous tissues, through a simple process, without risks to the patient and with great therapeutic potential. 

In a single session, the patient is a donor and recipient of autologous micrografts, allowing the recipient area to benefit from the regenerative activity of the progenitor cells and growth factors extracted from the donor site.

The technique is based on clinical studies that show there is a high concentration of the cells obtained in solid tissues. Through a calibrated mechanical process and filtering, cells and other precursor elements are concentrated.

We care about the health of our patients, that is why we offer the best quality, personalized and safe treatments with cutting-edge technology.



It is a device designed and approved to mechanically disintegrate any biological tissue obtaining autologous micro-grafts in a minimally invasive way. Rigeneracon is a class II sterile and disposable medical device, consisting of a rotation and pressure propeller, a grid with 100 hexagonal holes 80 microns in diameter and 600 micro blades designed for optimal and effective cutting of different types of tissue.

Each device is equipped with an RFID microchip that contains product information for security and traceability reasons.

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How does it work?

The tissue to be treated is obtained through a biopsy that is introduced into the Rigeneracon device and is gently pressed against the microblades at a constant speed of 80 rpm, without damaging the cellular structure of the disaggregated tissue. The sample is processed between 2 and 4 minutes depending on the type of tissue. The calibrated holes act as a filter, selecting only particles and cells less than 80 microns. The complete procedure occurs in a single surgical time and in a sterile manner.

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What do we obtain?

AMT® obtains injectable micro grafts composed of:  cells, extracellular matrix and growth factors derived from the patient's own cells, with no other manipulation than mechanical disaggregation.

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