Bella Vita injector


Water light injection 〜Bella Vita injector〜

In Korea, a beauty-rich country, the most talked-about skincare treatment is "water light injection". "Water light" has the meaning of "wet like luster" and "wet skin" in Korea, and the youthful skin with firmness and transparency, is also called "water light skin" You In Korea, “Suilight injection”, which is a common-sense treatment for keeping skin clean, uses a uniform injection of hyaluronic acid into the shallow layer of skin to create a moist, transparent skin. I will realize.

Bella Vita injector
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Water light injection

Bella Vita injector

The BellaVita Injector is a machine that automatically injects cosmetic ingredients that promote botox and skin cell neoplasia into a very shallow layer (0.4 to 0.6 mm) of the skin.
By suctioning the skin, it is possible to inject a certain amount accurately at a certain depth, so the active ingredient can be delivered evenly to the necessary place, and the leakage of the drug solution is reduced, and a stable treatment can be performed. You can do it.
By reducing the needle tip from the 31G needle to the 32G needle, bleeding and pain during surgery are reduced. The risk of downtime has also been significantly reduced. Furthermore, it has become possible to shorten the treatment time.

Bella Vita injector針部分

This is a 1-shot 9-needle extra-fine needle attached to the tip of the handpiece, and it has a structure that injects like a hanko injection. It is possible to inject many cosmetic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, placenta, PRP, botulinum toxin at one time, and by changing the ingredients to be injected, not only skin quality improvement such as wrinkles and sagging, but also moisturizing effect up You can also expect hair growth effects. The depth and amount of injection of the needle and the suction pressure of the skin can be adjusted, allowing treatment according to the customer's trouble and the condition of the skin.


Ingredient to be injected

Ingredient to be injected


C-PDRN (cosmetic polydeoxynucleotide) obtained by extracting a salmon-derived DNA fragment by a special technique. It promotes collagen formation that maintains skin firmness, promotes cell and tissue repair, vascularization and blood flow improvement.It combines moisturizing, antioxidant, nutritional and soothing effects. Because it is very close to human DNA, it is also one of the features that side effects and rejection reactions are unlikely to occur.


It acts to reduce and eliminate active oxygen and peroxides in cells. Keeping the skin youthful by suppressing cell damage.

Hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing ingredients, to give the skin firmness. Weakness, firmness, transparency of skin, up Ideal for a variety of aging care such as pore opening and improvement of dry skin, dullness and fine lines.

※ Optionally, vitamin C, placenta, tranexamic acid, stem cell culture supernatant, botulinum toxin can be added.

Expected effect

Expected effect
Expected effect

Unlike conventional hyaluronic acid injection, injection into the shallow layer just below the skin surface provides visible moisture to the skin. It is the latest skin quality improvement treatment recommended for many women with the aim of anti-aging, as it leads to a fresh, youthful skin with a sense of freshness. If you receive it regularly, you can improve the skin strength of your entire skin and expect to improve various skin problems such as firmness, gloss, dullness and wrinkles.


※ Edema and punctate hemorrhage may come out, but it gets better in about 1 to 2 days.
※ There are people who continue to have redness for several days, but we will gradually reduce it
※ Even on the day of the treatment, daily life such as face washing, makeup, shower can be sent, but please refrain from the use of cosmetics containing irritation components such as exfoliating agents and scrubs, alcohol, etc. for about 2 weeks after surgery.
※ There is individual difference in effect, finish condition.
※ Please note that we may not accept treatment as a result of counseling, diagnosis.