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, How It Works

Discover Agnes RF

Agnes RF is an innovative radiofrequency microneedling device that utilizes exclusive Square Wave energy and custom micro-insulated needles. It harnesses the power of RF energy and concentrates it to treat target areas in a minimally invasive, non-surgical manner.*

Agnes RF was developed in South Korea by a group of renowned dermatologists, headed by Dr. Gun Ahn, with the vision of introducing and delivering truly innovative technology to global aesthetic practices.

*Agnes is indicated for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis under US FDA, 510(k) K192728.

Science Behind Agnes RF

The basis of Agnes RF microneedling lies in precisely delivering concentrated energy to targeted areas. This is all determined by a scientific formula that outlines the basic premise of the custom settings offered by Agnes. With electrocoagulation being the end result, the device gives the user full control over the amount of raw energy administered, as well as the duration of each pulse, allowing the user to focus on areas with pinpoint precision.

Agnes Medical has innovated RF energy delivery by developing a Square Wave energy form never seen in other RF microneedling devices. Most other RF energy-based devices use a bell-shaped Sine waveform, and its downward slope of the curved wave carries residual energy that may potentially harm soft tissue, depending on the power setting. The Square Wave energy form is more angular, sustaining a maximum energy output while drastically minimizing the cool-down curve, sparing the outer and upper layers of the dermis.

, How It Works

To provide unparalleled control and flexibility, Agnes RF does not lock its potential behind any preloaded software. The adjustable settings give the user freedom to assess and tailor treatments to each individual patient. The relation between the amount of heat energy and the duration of each pulse can be controlled by the user for the most efficient treatments.

Aesthetic procedures can be a form of art and through Agnes RF’s incredible precision of the micro-insulated needles. The freedom to personalize settings and concentrated RF delivery, helps users create the best end result.


Agnes is the long-awaited solution to treating delicate skin in hard-to-reach areas around the eyes.

Innovation doesn’t just stop with Square Wave Energy.

Agnes needles are custom created and designed, backed by research based on the vertical anatomy of human skin. The needles are partially insulated to protect the upper layers of the dermis while delivering high energy to the target treatment areas deep below the dermis layers.

There are nine needles differing in size and amount of insulation. Using the results of multiple clinical studies, the length of insulation on each needle has been calculated, down to the millimeter, to successfully treat different target areas.

The needles are the true magic behind Agnes RF. They are individually designed to treat different regions of the face and specific skin concerns. The shape, size, and amount of insulation of each needle are unique to the intended treatment area. The small surface area of the needle also means they are able to treat delicate and hard-to-reach areas with incredible precision and concentrated RF energy. The safe penetration of the needles produces dramatic yet gentle results, targeting just the treatment areas and preserving the integrity of the external skin.

, How It Works

How is Agnes the right device?

Agnes can also serve as a supplementary device for your practice. Agnes procedures are not exclusive and open up possibilities to collaborate with other aesthetic devices – enhancing the results of other procedures. Thanks to the incredible size and insulation of the single or three-pin needles, it can reach delicate and hard-to-reach areas, serving as the final finishing touch to other previous procedures.

Agnes is an FDA Class II device cleared for electrocoagulation. It is widely available for use in both medical and aesthetic fields. Agnes is truly versatile; with its minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures, Agnes allows the practice to expand its scope of possibilities by providing a solution to a wider range of patients.



, How It Works

The Monopolar handpiece is used for RF Microneedling procedures. It equips the micro-insulated needles as the electrode to deliver RF energy into the target treatment areas. The ergonomic size of the handpiece itself makes it flexible and maneuverable to provide ultimate control. The handpiece becomes a tool for the user’s artistry.


Agnes RF has a needle inspection camera unit to examine the needle before and during procedures to ensure the safety of the patient.

Ground Plate

The ground plate serves to complete the circuit of pulsed energy from the monopolar electrode through to the patient.


, How It Works

The footswitch engages the device to release the pulse of RF energy corresponding to the settings determined by the user.

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